Learnt machine learning without spending a dollar step one.

Machine learning and artificial intelligent in a buzz word in technology world when I listened first time machine learning I sounds crazy for me and also it’s sounds crazy in real.

When I listen first time I want learn it and my journey to learning machine learning in begin.

Now, I want to figure out how I can learn machine learning every-person do that I do I google it.

When I search about machine learning 90% blogs and videos recommend to purchase these and that course.

So I realized instead of spending time and money on non-guarantee course why no learnt it by myself.

Then time comes for do research where to start learning then I research what skill you required for learning for machine learning.

I spent a week on making a learning plan for machine learning. In that week I figured out what should I learn form where and for how much time. I found many resources and list it in my notebook.

I made a list what I want to learn like Language , concepts and libraries etc.

Here my list what I want to learn in a such order.

  • A programming language Python.
  • Good math and statistics concepts.
  • machine learning basic concepts or theory.
  • pandas library.
  • matplotlib library.
  • machine learning algorithms.
  • sciket learn library.

I know basic understanding about python programming I learnt it in one year ago so I just need to brushed up my python skill and for math I already know because I’m a engineering student.

for brushed up my python skills I spent almost one week on python during that one week I done competitive coding on and watched YouTube python crash course video by .

I recommend you to complete full video you get basic knowledge about you must do practice when you do practice you will get more clarity in your python concepts and you used to do python coding.

I made a list what I want to learn like Language , concepts and libraries etc.

Make sure during learning python focus on problem solving not on remembering syntax. always a professional programmer always spend 70–80% time on problem solving and 20% on coding.

After learning basic concepts for python I should move to required python libraries which used in machine. I start learning that as order as my list.

I will tell you What to do after making sharp your Python concepts in next blog on these series.

These blog series help you to learn machine learning by yourself without spending a dollar.

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I'm engineering student and a learner in the field of AI and programming.